Resilience Lessons from the Greek Financial Crisis (Bird’s Eye View 2)

By Lyndon Bird, Chair of the DRI Future Strategic Vision Committee

Today I would like to start with an international issue that has dominated the news media in Europe for many weeks (some might say years) and has had an impact globally that is superficially beyond its obvious significance. I mean the financial crisis in Greece, the concern this might spread to the wider Euro bloc and the potential impact this might have on the entire international financial community. I appreciate that economists might tell us that this is a minor matter compared with a potential melt-down of the Chinese equity markets; I understand that political strategists will point to the US nuclear agreement with Iran as of much wider importance; I know that the politics of the Middle East, the emergence of the so called Islamic State and the refugee crisis that is resulting from a turbulent world are what should keep us awake at night.

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